2017, 2018


THIS ROOM IS NOT FOR YOU is an installation that poses questions about who mainstream culture is really catered to:

“As a teenager I mostly was exposed to male-oriented movies, literature and music that I see now wasn’t really my cup of tea. I suffocated the part of me that wanted to indulge in girl culture and be able to relate to the books I read, and focused on trying to like things I thought were cool for me to like. With this piece I wanted to create a room that was specifically for me and only me, without the influence of others. THIS ROOM IS NOT FOR YOU is the result. Even though I’m not a teenager anymore, I still wanted to give my teenage self that gift.“

As the title implies, the installation is not catered to the audience but rather the artist’s teenage self—but everyone is welcome to come and visit this teenage utopia.
Made in collaboration with Bergur Kelti Ólafsson.

Exhibited at: 
    Plan B Art Festival, Borgarnes
    MÍKRÓ festival